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Multidisciplinary Artist





Yağmur Doğan was born in Istanbul in 1994. She graduated from Yeditepe University with a degree in Plastic Arts and Art Management in 2017-2019. Currently, she is continuing her thesis work in “Feminist Art” in the Plastic Arts and painting graduate program of the Institute of Social Sciences of Yeditepe University.

In her paintings, she examines the complex self-situations behind the faces of people based on self and identity problems. With reference to Erving Goffman's self-presentation, it links individuals with exhibiting different self presentation in the face of different situations. Goffman; the world we live in a theater stage also treats people as actors who play multiple roles. He says that our self is shaped according to the individuals we encounter in our daily lives. He explains using the concept of the self how, when one or the individual encounters others, he recapitulates himself, presents himself in a new new way, and performs new strategies for it. The different self-performances that each individual presents in front of people make one question the concept of self. We know each other in these performances and we introduce ourselves in these performances. If we have an ever-changing self, an idea of identity is formed that we constantly redefine. The individual navigates between the different selves he has built without stopping. If we identify people through the self they reflect, the complex self structure can be seen as a de-identity. The fluid and variable state of the portraits seen in Yağmur Doğan's paintings is linked to our ever-changing self-presentation. While the portrait silhouettes captured in his works create a de-identity, they can be explained by the fact that the face represents the image of the self presented by the individual. Her paintings create a moment of glimpse into one's ever-changing complex self.


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