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Sand Lilies Project

Yagmur Dogan, Photos - Sand Lilies Series 2018- 2021

In our interaction with the natural environment, Yagmur Dogan turns this imbalance that we create into a habitat of the production area in order to take a closer look at the individual, the living area turns into the beaches of Sile. She starts this transformation by removing the production area from the workshop and turning it into nature under the name of a return to nature in an ecological sense.


She associates her communication with nature with an endemic plant species “Sand Lilies”, which is facing extinction. This plant, which has been observing its gradual development for many years, is facing extinction in the face of a kind of occupation policy that we have created. These plants that grow on a dune surface have no chance of existing in another area. As a result of the privatization and dispossession we have created through the sand, they disappear. The fact that we look at the earth, stones, sand through the eyes of inanimate beings causes us to ignore the life forms they offer.


It is precisely at this point Yagmur Dogan, that an archival study on sand lilies is aimed at starting an ecological a record of their existence. “Is it up to us to displace ecology and re-exist it again?” She brings her question to life with the project.

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