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Each one R:10 cm, Collage on Petri Dish 


The Aseptic series focuses on concepts that form and develop in the uncertain process that we experience with the global epidemic process. Healthy living, contact, mask , prohibitions, which are included as new concepts in our life that have changed and been rebuilt in the process.. etc. she makes headlines like coexistence her subject. The artist conveys our new reality to us through collages created from a subjective point of view, sometimes tragicomic, sometimes direct discourse. It examines the subject losses experienced by the individual in the process, the change and reconstruction of reality. It focuses on many experiences, both physical and spiritual, in the quarantine process.


Each work, created in aseptic, sterile, germ-free Pedri containers, represents the world belonging to the individual. The productions created in pedri containers, each of which is R: 10 cm, emphasize our isolation both physically and spiritually. The words of the sentences contained in collages and containers provide a subjective glimpse into our experiences in the process. The series consists of thirty collage works and its production continues.

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